A day in the life with Johannes

Success measured

We asked Johannes on his view of customer success. As a Technical Account Manager (TAM) Johannes is responsible for ensuring customers are getting the most out of their Thinkproject products. He joined Thinkproject in 2015 as a working student after meeting us at university, and took on the role of TAM in 2018. 

Johannes portrait

Life as a TAM

A typical day for me always starts with the same goal: digitise and automate the processes of our general contractor customers. How I work towards this goal varies daily, but usually will involve coordinating my team for the day, planning our resources and talking to our customers to define their requirements. Chatting to our customers is one of the things I like most about my role, I’m able to grow relationships and become really in tune with their needs which helps my team deliver the best possible service we can.

Delivering an efficient and standardised process to our customers is very important as a TAM, having been involved with the AECO industry for several years it’s been rewarding to work with customers and see how the industry has evolved.

When I first started as a TAM there was an emphasis on digitalisation bringing individualisation to each project, even down to which buttons on a project’s platform go where. Together with our customers and team, I have watched this view evolve into focusing on standardisation across projects to achieve best practices. This is similar to our views at Thinkproject ourselves, where we take a collaborative approach in our teams to achieve good practice across our services.

Being part of our general contractors’ segment from the beginning has been a highlight for me, as we have achieved so much and can now provide services much quicker, seeing the results of your hard work in action is very rewarding.

Benefits of an international team

Having an international team has been invaluable to me and brings good discussions and great teamwork every day in my role. I know that if one of our customers has specific needs I haven’t come across before, chances are I have a colleague who will know the solution. All it takes is a phone call to solve a challenge that I could have spent considerable time on without that knowledge base. Furthermore, having experts in BIM (it’s the future!) or my UK colleague’s experience with different types of construction contracts used in different countries means I am learning something new every day, and that benefits both me and our customers. We are gaining insights which is only possible when you have a range of teams in one group, and having a good team around you ensures you can all celebrate success.

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