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Since our founding in 2000, and certainly over the past five years in particular, we have seen Thinkproject grow tremendously — expanding to new locations, offering new products, and of course, growing our team. In this time we have rebranded and relaunched our new website with the help of our dedicated Marketing department. In this Inside Thinkproject blog we spoke with Judith about her role as a Field Marketing Manager in our Netherlands office, and her experience over the past five years working at Thinkproject.

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Being on top of the game

In my role I look after our BeNeLux and Nordic markets, working closely with our Sales team and the Marketing department in cross-collaboration to find new and innovative ways to bring an audience to our products. We have only recently branched out into the Nordics so I have been incredibly excited to be involved in determining our strategy for this from the start, it’s always very rewarding to be trusted to build a process up from the ground and see it flourish.

My day-to-day activities involve a lot of variety, which keeps me on my toes and which I personally enjoy- challenges keep me energised! Some of my duties include regular meetings with Sales so I can stay up to date with the market (Sales always have the best insights), communicating with our customers about their great projects, plus working on my processes such as for advertising or content.

I like to make sure I’m ‘on top of my game’ with marketing by keeping up to date with industry news, there’s always a new social media feature to read up on! You have to be ready to adjust at the drop of a hat in this role as algorithms change and audiences evolve.

When it comes to our sector, the construction market can cover a huge range of industries, so while I have to keep the brand in mind, there are still plenty of possibilities to be creative in the way we market to different audiences. Thinkproject started as a ‘newbie’ in BeNeLux, but I can now see my hard work paying off as we’re at a point where we’re being contacted by magazines and by TV productions who see us as an interesting, innovative company with a clear vision. I am results-driven as a person and that’s a big achievement for me.

Collaboration is key

What I like most about working at Thinkproject is the willingness my colleagues have shown me in teaching me about the construction industry and the patience awarded me when I was still newly learning. I try and pay this forward by always being available for chats, coffee breaks, or learning sessions for anyone in the business.

Although we’re often in different countries or time zones, I can freely contact my colleagues and say, “I’m working on this, can you help me?”. They’re always willing to support you and find ways to improve together. It really helps to broaden your view! My closest colleagues in Utrecht are very good at advice-giving, or lending an ear to a problem I’m struggling to figure out alone, we even have our dedicated coffee zone- if someone is there you know they need a chat!

Expertise takes courage

Having a defined set of values benefits us all, I try and make sure whether I am communicating with customers or team mates that I am always keeping them in mind, our values are all about respect so they really help the Thinkproject culture thrive.

Personally, I relate most to collaboration and courage. Collaboration, because I love to work in a team, even if we’re not sitting in the same room. And courage, because sometimes you have to be brave enough to voice your opinion – we are encouraged to be experts in our field, and this is especially true when you’re responsible for a local market that might do things differently than other countries, I’m confident that my team trusts me to make the right decisions and it takes courage to be able to confidently assess and make decisions that will lead to success.

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