Maintaining balance with Ann-Kathrin

Our Key Account Managers (KAM) are one of the strongest links we have to our customers and a representation of Thinkproject as a business. With the rapid digitialisation of the AECO sectors, there is often a lot to do when it comes to providing high-quality support for our customers.

Ann-Kathrin is based in our Cologne office and is a passionate KAM, as well as a parent who has been balancing work, children, and her own wellbeing during the pandemic. Read on to find out Ann-Kathrin’s journey at Thinkproject.

Organisation and collaboration

Organisation is a personal goal for me every day! As a KAM every day is different from the last, whether that be new challenges to solve, getting to know a new customer or checking in with my existing ones. My mornings are usually reserved for calling or meeting customers, one of my favourite parts of being a KAM is how much communication I get to have with our clients, it helps you get another perspective on what Thinkproject is providing. Sometimes it’s good to take a minute and realise all these interesting projects we are helping our customers make a reality.

Of course when it comes to account management, collaboration is key. This can be either with your customers, or with your wider team. It is invaluable to share knowledge and lessons learned so we can all provide a better service together.

Finding balance

Keeping a good work/life balance is hard work – it requires a lot of careful structuring in my day and organising priorities. It’s important to define and stay within my working hours so I have time to decompress, spend time with my family and spend time on activities outside of work. To do this, I monitor and reflect on myself every day. I ask myself questions like, “How do I feel? What is my energy level? What is my mood?”.

I also have an exercise session or a walk each day. I put this in my calendar, to make sure there is time for it and I end up really looking forward to it! Ultimately, it’s about prioritising and deciding where to put your energy so I can be my best self to others around me.

Championing women at Thinkproject

One thing I have really enjoyed working at Thinkproject, particularly during the times when we were working virtually, was the establishing of our Women’s Network. Being able to connect with my colleagues and understand how they are progressing both in and out of work is really inspirational. We usually have around 20 or 30 participants in each call and it’s a great way to get to know more people in the business from all walks of life.

These meetings always motivate me to read a new book or look into a new topic. It’s really about receiving inspiration, sharing information, and understanding other roles in the company and maybe how they relate to my own work.

Overcoming challenges

Challenges are a part of everyone’s daily life, having the right mindset around challenges can be a useful learning tool so I don’t shy away from them. Being fairly new to the business, a challenge that I often encounter is when a client asks about something that I haven’t done yet or that I don’t have any information on. At Thinkproject, every client account is individual and customised so there isn’t always a standard solution.

Rather than being overwhelmed by this, I think about the potential steps I can take and talk it over with my manager if I need to. We have a regular jour fixe where we discuss how to approach challenges, and I know that I am learning every day!

A successful day

My day is always a success if I am able to make a difference. When you are about the quality of service your customers are receiving, it can be a huge boost to have them acknowledge that you are taking care of their problems.

As well as this, I also consider a day successful if I have learned something new- a frequent occurrence! Whether this is getting stuck into a new topic, getting to know a new team member or sharing topics in our Women’s Network, if I feel I have grown in some way that is really satisfying for me.

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