Working student life with Xinyan

Working towards success

At Thinkproject we welcome working students into our team to share valuable workplace experience. We spoke to Xinyan, working student and TP CDE Support Agent in our Munich office, about what a day in her life looks like balancing studies and employment. 

Xinyan portrait

Finding balance

I’m a working student who spends two days with Thinkproject in our Delivery team, and three days working towards my degree in Environmental Engineering. I’m in my last year of my studies so I’m currently working on my thesis. At work I keep my days structured, I spend one day on our tpCDE ‘hotline’, assisting our customers if they are having technical difficulties. My second day usually consists of a team meeting where we chat through any current support requests, then I take on a task that I can finish by the end of the day, so I don’t leave anything outstanding. 

Sometimes when studying, especially when writing a thesis, it can feel like there is little variety in your routine, which is why I enjoy coming to Thinkproject and getting some variation into my days, plus I get to see the rest of the Delivery team and do some problem solving which leaves me feeling more energised when I return to my studies! 

I feel lucky to be able to work in an environment which is relevant to my area of study, I can feel the benefits of being around my colleagues and our customers who have real-life examples when it comes to engineering practicesGaining experience at a work setting is also really useful in setting you up for the beginning of your career. 

Growing in the workplace

I am proud of how I have grown in the workplace since starting at Thinkproject. At the beginning I wasn’t familiar with our products but with coaching from the Delivery team and gaining knowledge of tpCDE I now feel confident in my abilities. I enjoy knowing I can help our customers and leave the office at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment, as well as developing valuable skills that will help me in my career path. 

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