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Data Worth Knowing

Digital transformation in construction

Data Worth Knowing: exploring the benefits of digital transformation

There is no escaping the ever-increasing digitalisation of our world. Within architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO), digital construction management is now at the forefront of the entire project lifecycle.

With the increase in uptake of construction management software, businesses are accumulating vast amounts of data that are of benefit to project teams, stakeholders and the supply chain: the data worth knowing.

What is covered?

  • What do we mean by AECO digitalisation?
  • BIM and the wider digital transformation
  • Defining and extracting data worth knowing
"When data becomes inextricably linked to how firms create value, how that value is measured, and how firms are rewarded for their value contribution, then data will have real worth."

Sustainable, connected and innovative projects

Construction: modernise or die?

What can we learn from the data we are accumulating by introducing digitalisation to construction projects? Our whitepaper gives an in-depth analysis of how digital tools for construction such as BIM and the Common Data Environment are producing data that helps identify trends, assist with sustainable and safe builds, and ensures that with modernisation the AECO industry can thrive in a post-Industry 4.0 world.

Who should read?

The Data Worth Knowing whitepaper is tailored to key decision makers, stakeholders and project managers involved in the digital transformation of construction management.

If you are just starting your journey to digitalisation or have been an early adopter of BIM and other construction management software, the insights offered will be of benefit to you and your teams.

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