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What is a CDE?

What is a Common Data Environment?

The Common Data Environment (CDE) is a proven asset to any construction project that is embracing digitalisation. With all the data in one place, the CDE offers a single source of truth for every project participant throughout the project lifecycle. From build through to operation and maintenance, the CDE can help every step of the way.

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What is covered?

  • What is a CDE?
  • Use cases for the CDE
  • Expert insights and tips
"Digital tools can be used to optimise processes that manage information. The key benefit of using a CDE is that all project stakeholders have access to the same secure, cloud-based information."

CDE in use

Making projects a reality

Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital, Spain

  • Product
    TP CDE
  • Region Europe
  • Industry Healthcare
Thinkproject celebrates its 20th anniversary by highlighting one of the projects that began in 2019 with a very important objective, the rehabilitation and expansion of the neonatal area of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

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Choosing a CDE

The CDE is a valued and often necessary addition to any AECO project. From supporting BIM to handling huge amounts of data efficiently, the benefits have been discussed many times before. But what CDE is right for your project?


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