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What is BIM?

A comprehensive booklet

Whether you are just starting your BIM journey or are already an experienced user, our booklet ‘What is BIM?’ answers the important questions, from BIM Modelling to Management, through to the Digtial Twin, this collection of insights offers everyone with an interest in BIM something to browse through.

Download our booklet to learn more, refresh your memory and keep all your BIM knowledge in one place.

What is covered?

  • What is BIM?
  • Use cases for BIM
  • Expert insights and tips
"Common misunderstandings about what BIM is can lead to hesitation when it comes to making important strategic decisions about implementing it into projects."

BIM in use

Making projects a reality

Haut, The Netherlands

  • Product
  • Region Europe
  • Industry Commercial, Residential
Learn how DESITE BIM helped the Brüninghoff  group stay on-track and sustainable with Haut, the third-tallest wooden structure in Europe.

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BIM Collaboration Guide

Are you a beginner to BIM and starting your digitalisation journey? Download our pocket guide to learn more about BIM Collaboration, a crucial aspect which all teams should know.


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Join our experts as they discuss how DESITE BIM integrates a number of BIM uses together in a single platform, to unleash the full potential of BIM.

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