Build your own bee hotel

Like with most of the natural world, bees are facing a climate crisis. Bees are a complex and critical part of our ecosystem, but with threats such as loss of habitat and pesticide use, they are facing many dangers in the modern world. We are all doing our part to leave a better world for future generations, and for World Bee Day why not try this fun and simple project to benefit the bees too? 

We have created this handy guide on how to build your own bee hotel, tips for keeping your hotel safe for bees, and other useful bee knowledge to give these hard-working pollinators a fighting chance!  

Yellow graphic with bees

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In this post we will take a closer look at the environmental sustainability - our interaction with the planet. Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, and deforestation are some of the biggest challenges of our times.    


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At Thinkproject we believe that being a diverse company - that takes measures for more inclusion - is the key to success. It is deeply rooted in our company DNA, our culture as well as our values. Diverse teams strengthen companies in that new information and perspectives are tied to innovation, which is vital to create better products for our customers.