Thinkproject Quality 2.0

Thinkproject, leading Common Data Environment (CDE) provider for construction and engineering projects, releases the latest version of the app Thinkproject Quality.

The app for quality management brings digital processes to the construction site in order to improve efficiency in construction projects. In every construction project, team members in the office require access not only to the latest version of information, but also live updates from the teams on-site. The easiest and most efficient way to create these lines of communication is through mobile devices. Applications can help to manage and distribute information on-site, especially when they are integrated into structured processes and project platforms. thinkproject Quality serves this need by mobilising information management surrounding quality management in construction.

A year ago, Thinkproject Quality for professional defect management was introduced, and now version 2.0 is available in app stores. The new version not only mobilises defect management but can be applied to a variety of quality management processes. It can be used for capturing defects and reviewing defect rectification as well as other established procedures like Requests for Information, inspection of reinforcements and many more. The potential for integration with a range of different Thinkproject solutions for quality management makes the app an essential building block on the road to digitalisation, as well as mobilisation of construction processes particularly on-site. Integration is made possible by synchronising data from the app with the Thinkproject CDE.

Thinkproject Quality offers a broad range of functions which support successful quality management, digital representation of construction processes and various stakeholders. The first version of the app made it possible to capture defects via photos and add relevant information, synchronise with the CDE and review defects on your mobile device. Version 2.0 now provides additional functionality to make mobile quality management efficient.

Pin functionality

Download selected drawings from the Thinkproject platform and use the provided pin to mark a specific location in the drawing to record the location information, for example, for describing a defect

QR Code functionality

Create new documents by scanning a QR Code with location details and an automatic fill out of the entry fields with the appropriate information

Scan functionality

Scan paper documents and process the respective PDF in the app

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First prize for Bachelor thesis

We are delighted to share that Felix Sirtl, student trainee at Thinkproject has been awarded first prize for his Bachelors thesis.

Press Releases

Patrik Heider appointed CEO

Jan 18, 2021
Thinkproject, Europe's leading SaaS provider for construction and engineering projects, today announces the appointment of Patrik Heider as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).