Introducing our tp DOCS app

At Thinkproject we pride ourselves on offering perfectly matched solutions for complex projects.

With tpCDE we offer our users a host of powerful features to streamline their builds. We are now excited to unveil our latest tpCDE add-on: tp DOCS. This simple but effective app is designed for ease of use on handheld devices, read on to find out more.

Why tp DOCS

All projects are likely to produce a large amount of digital data, when project teams are on-site there is a crucial need to access accurate drawings and other documents. Sometimes extensive preparation can be undertaken before even getting on-site, with a simple visit needing paper documents to be prepared, located and double-checked for the latest versions. It can be a challenge to keep entire teams up to date across multiple sites, especially for project managers who may be overseeing several different builds.

We also recognise that users who do not use tpCDE every day could benefit from a stripped back experience that keeps the essential on-site functions at your fingertips. We have designed tp DOCS with simplicity in mind, making it quick and efficient for any member of the team.

Your project documents to go – in one application

tp DOCS contains all documents relevant to you connected to a project and synchronises with tpCDE seamlessly. Documents can be accessed without an internet connection, and if connection is not present then the application can sync as soon as the device is back online when prompted, ensuring documents stay accurate.

With all your documents in a handheld device, gone are the days of stacks of important papers (with the potential to become lost) being transferred between on-site and the office. Now everyone can stay connected regardless of location.

tp DOCS is just one of our three applications designed to offer ease and clarity to projects. Our tp Quality app allows users to capture or approve defects on-site, whilst tp PICS makes it simple to capture, organise and manage photos on-the-go.

Good to know

  • tp DOCS is an add-on application, users should already have tpCDE access with set-up of the Document Management or Drawing Management solutions to take advantage of this feature
  • Available for iOS in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Polish
  • tp DOCS is available on iOS and Android
  • Part of the tpCDE mobile application portfolio
  • If you would like an in-depth overview of tp DOCS make sure to read our data sheet!

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