NEC e-Learning with CEMAR

We are pleased to announce that in our ongoing collaboration with NEC, we have integrated NEC e-Learning within thinkproject’s contract management platform, CEMAR.

NEC’s content will be easily and readily accessible, enhancing the already comprehensive help and support offered to clients via our software. Users who may not be familiar with NEC contracts should find this feature particularly beneficial when it comes to contractual questions, therefore ensuring your CEMAR software is used to its full benefit.

How it works

A valid NEC product licence is required to access the help videos. Following the ‘NEC Online Training’ link from inside the CEMAR platform, help balloons will take you to the new feature. This will take you directly to the relevant NEC help video based on the area that you are currently viewing inside CEMAR, e.g. ‘administering an early warning’ for the Early Warning Register. The training video provides information on contractual obligations, clauses and much more. Users may then replicate the contractual procedures via CEMAR’s many tailored workflows, safely within their practice area.


The CEMAR platform was built in 2005 upon a first-hand need for a solution to the administrative demands of a large construction contract. Thinkproject’s Ben Walker is an NEC author, consultant, tutor and ICE examiner. We are extremely proud that our CEMAR software is acknowledged by name in all NEC4 contracts.


Currently, the NEC Online Training videos are available in NEC3 ECC contracts and will be progressively rolled out across other forms. The videos are currently available in the following registers within NEC3 ECC:

  • Early Warnings Register
  • Design Submission Register
  • Programme Register
  • Defects Register
  • Payment Assessments Register
  • Compensation Event Register
  • Quotations and Assessments Register
Nick Woodrow
“We have worked tirelessly to build our support offering and we are delighted to now offer this direct link to NEC e-Learning. Our in-house support team will still be on-hand to answer any queries about CEMAR, with Users now having the opportunity to immediately reinforce their own contractual knowledge through this new feature.”

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