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Supporting Global Fund for Women

The gender gap in technology is not limited to a single sector or a single country.

In our increasingly digitalised age, technology should not just be a privilege, but a basic human right for anyone on the planet.

Technology can open many doors to disadvantaged communities, and particularly women in them. With a host of great initiatives and thanks to the internet and handheld devices, education can be delivered and shared amongst communities which in turn empowers future generations.

According to Global Fund for Women, 200 million more men than women have access to the internet, when valuable resources such as midwifery, schooling and more can be accessed it is crucial that women are privy to it.


In 2020 women have had their fair share of bleak news, they are most likely to financially suffer after Covid-19, and violence against women has been on the increase during lockdowns across the globe.

We wanted to ensure we were supporting a cause that reflected these challenges being faced and have done so in lieu of Christmas cards for our customers, with a $5,000 donation to Global Fund for Women. Our donation will “fuel gender justice movements to shift power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all”.

Global Fund for Woman have been involved in some major initiatives including; Adolescent Girls FundCollective Impact PartnershipAmplifyChange and more.

We are committed to addressing gender inequality not only in the outside world, but in our own business too. 2020 saw a woman (Karolin Beck our Chief Marketing Officer) join the thinkproject CXO team for the first time in our history, bringing some diversity to our top level. In turn our thinkproject Women’s Network was established this year and provides a safe and supportive space for our female-identifying colleagues to discuss their experiences in their careers.

In 2021 we will be teaming up with the WISE Campaign once more, facilitating a 10-step diversity assessment and learning how we can improve thinkproject even more. We are committed to fostering a diverse and equal workplace and are looking forward to taking these steps.

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First prize for Bachelor thesis

We are delighted to share that Felix Sirtl, student trainee at Thinkproject has been awarded first prize for his Bachelors thesis.

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Patrik Heider appointed CEO

Jan 18, 2021
Thinkproject, Europe's leading SaaS provider for construction and engineering projects, today announces the appointment of Patrik Heider as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).