Twenty years of Thinkproject

The year 2000 was a year unlike any other. After emerging from our millennium bug bunkers, having avoided certain disaster, we ushered in a new era.

What did the year 2000 hold in store for the world? Technology experienced a boom that has never truly subsided. Mobile phones started becoming common and broadband internet started to replace dial-up modems. These days commodities such as these completely dominate our lives, from work to social, and it is hard to imagine how we existed before them. Digitalisation crept into our social and working lives seemingly overnight and would transform everything.

We could go on, but one thing created in 2000 is particularly special to us, and that was Thinkproject (or Baulogis, as we were originally called) was founded. Twenty years ago in Germany our former CEO Thomas Bachmaier began Thinkproject with like-minded individuals from the AEC industry, for people in the AEC industry. The idea was to streamline the exchange of information and provide a collaborative solution for those laborious tasks associated with construction projects. What started as an idea in Munich has been nurtured into a collective of innovative software solutions that are now used worldwide on a wealth of exciting and ground-breaking projects.


We have seen many changes within the AEC industry since we were founded. After a slow start on digital adoption, the sector is now transformed with the likes of BIM, AI and IoT now shaping how companies view their projects. This welcome advancement has brought so much potential for projects, from AI-assisted construction sites to completely remote construction on the horizon. Although we were always passionate about AEC, it now feels like the rest of the world is starting to catch up to the possibilities!

Perhaps not as exciting as construction robots, but even things we take for granted today were an exciting step forward in the years we have been active. Our own helpful tools like on-site/off-site documentation, QR code scanning and report-generating at the click of a button used to be an administrative headache that could take hours and sometimes days to complete.

Throughout our 20 years, we have acquired 10 fantastic solutions that have boosted our product suite, but just as importantly, the rich culture of Thinkproject and the diversity of our business. With the acquisition of EPLASS in 2010, PLANCONNECT in 2011, tpPLM in 2015, CEMAR in 2018, DESITE BIM and CONCLUDE CDE in 2019, and RAMM in 2020 we have brought together a whole host of expertise to assist thinkproject with delivering our goal of digitalisation within the AEC sectors.

With offices in Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, each office brings with it different working styles and expertise that helps guide us to be an even better business for our customers and staff alike. Certainly, with the unprecedented times we are currently living through we have been privileged with staff that embody our values and behaviours of courage, collaboration, integrity, simplification and commitment. Though we are not able to celebrate in 2020 the way we envisioned, we are thrilled to have so many fantastic team members to share this milestone with.

As we leave our ‘teenage’ years behind, much like many twenty-year olds we are full of excitement and ambition for the future. We hope you continue this journey with us as we make steps to bringing our suite of products together like never before. What is in store for Thinkproject in 2021? Well you’ll just have to stick around to find out!

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Press Releases

Patrik Heider appointed CEO

Jan 18, 2021 Patrik Heider
Thinkproject, Europe's leading SaaS provider for construction and engineering projects, today announces the appointment of Patrik Heider as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).