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Ralf Grüßhaber is MD and CFO

After studying Technical Business Management in Germany and the United Kingdom, Ralf Grüßhaber began his professional career with Hewlett Packard in Germany and France before working for more than a decade as CFO of the publicly listed telegate AG in Munich.

Most recently, he was Managing Director of B2X Care Solutions. Ralf has spent more than 20 years in the technology sector and is familiar with the entire spectrum of financial, HR and legal topics, including mergers and acquisitions. At Thinkproject, in which global growth private equity firm TA Associates acquired a majority shareholding in January 2017, he will work alongside CEO Thomas Bachmaier

Thomas Bachmaier, Thinkproject founder says: “Ralf’s entrepreneurial spirit and long-term experience as CFO in technology companies and in mergers and acquisitions are a great benefit for our company. Ralf’s experience will be particularly beneficial in the further expansion of Thinkproject into international markets, which will strengthen our global presence. We welcome Ralf to the team and look forward to his future contributions to Thinkproject.”

Ralf adds: “given its low penetration, the market for construction collaboration software offers exceptional opportunities for continued strong and profitable growth. I am excited and honoured to join Thinkproject and am eager to help continue, and possibly even accelerate, the company’s impressive track record of organic and inorganic growth.”

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First prize for Bachelor thesis

We are delighted to share that Felix Sirtl, student trainee at Thinkproject has been awarded first prize for his Bachelors thesis.


What are the benefits of a Common Data Environment?

Alongside streamlining projects, CDEs bring efficiencies, reduce risk and create real-time data-driven insights producing a repository where all stakeholders have a vital single source of the truth.