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Successful business year 2016

With revenues of almost 30 million euros in 2016, Thinkproject continues as a market leader for cross-enterprise collaboration and information management within Europe.

Thinkproject strengthened its overall market position by acquiring a majority stake in Austria’s thinkproject distributor, founding the joint venture thinkproject Iberia in Spain (together with ProjectCenter), acquiring German competitor Conetics and establishing a new R&D location in Poland.

After a successful market rollout of BIM Collaboration solutions, more than 60 projects have already mapped collaboration processes for more than 7,500 models within Thinkproject.

“We are very pleased with the business development of Thinkproject in 2016,” says Thomas Bachmaier, CEO Thinkproject. “With our new partnership with TA Associates, we will accelerate our international growth and strengthen our position as the ‘partner for digital transformation’ by further focusing the developments of BIM solutions within Thinkproject.”

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First prize for Bachelor thesis

We are delighted to share that Felix Sirtl, student trainee at Thinkproject has been awarded first prize for his Bachelors thesis.


What are the benefits of a Common Data Environment?

Alongside streamlining projects, CDEs bring efficiencies, reduce risk and create real-time data-driven insights producing a repository where all stakeholders have a vital single source of the truth.