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Residential construction project management

Uniformed processes with TP CDE

Project teams process constant data, particularly in the construction sector. From communications to drawing  documents management, everything benefits from being managed in a central space, fostering collaboration and clarity from site to stakeholder. The Common Data Environment (CDE) is the next step in efficiency for busy project teams.

TP CDE user Bauwens are managing the development of real estate with project implementation, asset management and building digitisation to create safer, sustainable spaces. Their adoption of digitalisation via Thinkproject’s construction management software is already producing results.


Creating Excellence

Bauwens has been an innovative player in the real estate services sector since 1873. Today, more than 400 employees work at six locations across all German metropolitan regions.

Holger Siebel Head of Architecture
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"With around 40 projects that are controlled simultaneously with TP CDE, this is indispensable: with all the difficult digitisation issues, it’s a good feeling that TP CDE always runs reliably."

Digital construction management for real estate

The goal of digitisation isn’t just a consideration in regards to technology, but also implementing a change-ready environment for project teams to thrive in. Whether that be fostering a highly adaptable work environment, or improving relationships across the supply chain.

Our case study explores how Bauwens embraced digitisation and adopted digital project management for real estate with the use of a Common Data Environment.

Residential building with grass roof

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Choosing a CDE

The CDE is a valued and often necessary addition to any AECO project. From supporting BIM to handling huge amounts of data efficiently, the benefits have been discussed many times before. But what CDE is right for your project?


What are the benefits of a Common Data Environment?

Alongside streamlining projects, CDEs bring efficiencies, reduce risk and create real-time data-driven insights producing a repository where all stakeholders have a vital single source of the truth.

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