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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is fast becoming a necessary requirement for projects within the AECO sector. Tenders and contracts can list BIM as an essential, and it’s clear to see why.

With BIM, project teams are able to make early, reliable statements about a variety of crucial build aspects, such as cost and defects, whilst also collating valuable data that feeds into later projects. These insights are great for current projects, and even better for future projects as the analysis can further improve the safety, efficiency, cost and even sustainability of projects later down the line.

The benefits of BIM are often championed, our case study with Gruner will show you a real-world example of BIM in action.

Innovation and inspiration

The Gruner Group was founded in 1862 and has been a public limited company since the 1970s to make them one of the leading construction service providers in Switzerland.

Gruner Roschi AG are specialists in HVAC and building climate. Some of their many expertise includes: building technology, building climate, energy systems ,building and room automation, and more.

Manuel Frey Head of Digital Planning
Gruner Group logo
"This is typical BIM: everyone looks beyond the company’s boundaries and benefits from the knowledge, ideas and experience of others."

The future of digital building models

In this case study read how DESITE BIM in partnership with Mensch und Maschine delivered flexibility and reliability for The Gruner Group.

The DESITE BIM software offers functions for analysing and manipulating digital building models in the IFC exchange format. By choosing DESITE BIM as the central tool for model
editing and evaluation, the decision was also made in favour of Mensch und Maschine as a supplier of DESITE BIM licenses and as a partner for advice and training.

Read more in our case study:

  • Benefits of software and training from one source
  • The advantages for information such as bill of quantities
  • One tool for all tasks
  • Correct use of the digital built model

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