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CEMAR is a dedicated contract management solution for NEC, FIDIC and other contract types. Created from a first-hand need to manage administrative demands, it has been developed by industry experts and practitioners and is acknowledged by name in all NEC4 contracts.


  • Foster collaboration and support cultural change
  • Reduce commercial risk through contract compliance
  • Simplify the management of sophisticated contracts


Acknowledged contributor to NEC4; ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited
Get real-time reports for contracts, frameworks, programmes and portfolios
Access compliant communications with defined terms and actions
Secure data with hourly back-ups and two-factor authentication

Keep in line with contract compliance

Achieve a collaborative single truth and cover a broad variety of contracting procedures including early warnings, compensation events, programme submission, payment and much more.

Stay up to date with action reminders

An aggregated reminders page is available within CEMAR Analytics, bringing together outstanding actions across multiple contracts along with numerous charts and reports that track communication and contract performance.

Audit, archive and remain in control

Teams can collaborate on drafting, reviewing and event communication, with all approvals captured in a party-private audit log. CEMAR also maintains an audit of history, common event registers and actions with unique numbering, time and date stamps.

Unlock valuable insights with real-time reporting

Charts, dashboards and reports are generated in real time to enhance business intelligence and enable users to track and benchmark team, supplier and contract performance across a portfolio of contracts.

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