Project Detail

Hinkley Point C, United Kingdom

Nuclear New Build Mega Project to Power the Future


EDF Energy and subsidiary Nuclear New Build Generation Company (NNB) are building two new reactors at Hinkley Point C (HPC) on the northern Somerset coast, the first in a new generation of UK nuclear power stations. This marks a significant moment in the revitalisation of the UK’s nuclear power industry.

The project is a proposed 3.2 GW nuclear power plant with two EPR reactors producing almost four times more electricity than Hinkley Point B’s current reactors. During the construction period, it is estimated that the build will bring 25,000 job opportunities to the area.


Thinkproject’s CEMAR software was selected to manage the contract administration across a vast portfolio of design, construction and maintenance contracts. Both NEC and FIDIC contract suites have been used, with CEMAR an integral tool towards the delivery of the design and construction phases of the project. CEMAR software has been deployed alongside other software applications and integrated to provide seamless workflow for non-conformance identification and rectification through a dedicated web service API.

Uniquely, NNB HPC are procuring works using the FIDIC suite of contracts alongside NEC and we developed an off-the-shelf FIDIC module to support contract administration in a single application with integrated reporting. This combined NEC/FIDIC solution also incorporates best-practice project management processes to leverage common business processes and standardise NNB HPC’s approach to contract administration.

 I couldn’t imagine how we’d have managed over 100,000 communications across 150+ contracts and nearly 3,000 active users without CEMAR. Their support is easily the best I’ve encountered across any software platform. 
Simon Robinson Associate Director Project Controls, NNB, Hinkley Point C
 CEMAR is an essential tool for our complex programme of works. Dealing with thousands of items of contract communication, it plays a crucial role in the timely and accurate administration of our contracts and maintenance of essential records. 
Commercial Lead NNB
 By using CEMAR for FIDIC we have achieved a consistent approach across our contract administration and have helped the teams manage in an efficient manner. 
Senior Commercial Manager NNB

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