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Lee Tunnel from Thames Tideway, United Kingdom

Contract Management for Lee Tunnel, part of the Thames Tideway Scheme


The Thames Tideway Scheme is a huge overhaul of the current sewage system in London, which has seen rapid growth of the capital putting a strain on the current systems that have been in place since the 1800s. Originally as a precautionary method the London sewerage system was designed to allow overflow into the Thames River. This is no longer a viable option, and as such the scheme intends to solve this problem with a 16-mile tunnel running under the Thames, due to open in 2023.

Lee Tunnel is the first phase of this, running from Abbey Mills Pumping Station to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, the tunnel will collect 16 million tonnes of sewage annually, depositing it at a treatment plant where the reprocessed water can be recycled into the Thames. This project has been the deepest tunnel bored in London to date, exceeding the London Underground and the Crossrail excavations.


Our contract management software was a key component for this £635m, four-mile long NEC3 ECC Option C project to prevent 16 million tonnes of sewage discharging into the River Lee each year. Completed in 2016, this six-year project benefited from the CEMAR platform’s collaborative environment for contract administration and reporting. Within the CEMAR system over 5,000 communications were administered, each one NEC3 compliant, as well as being accessible, auditable and consistent.

 CEMAR provides an invaluable tool with its efficient administration. It is user-friendly and provides immediate real-time reporting. There has been universal approval by both those involved in day-today contract administration and those needing access to the data held within the system. 
Mark Sneesby Project Manager, CH2M Hill
 The CEMAR system has been, and continues to be, an exceptionally effective and efficient tool to proactively manage contract administration for the Project, in accordance with the contractual requirements and obligations, providing optimum visibility of issues for many users to observe. 
Francois Pogu Project Director, MVB

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