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Met Office, United Kingdom

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Across a range of sites in the UK, Met Office have begun using NEC3 contracts for their facilities management, including both hard and soft maintenance. thinkproject’s CEMAR software has been adopted for their NEC3 Terms Service contracts to help with contractual administration.


Adopting new forms of contracts can be a challenge for teams that may be unfamiliar with their inner workings. The CEMAR platform is built with NEC compliance in mind, and with the integrated NEC E-learning feature, teams can be guided in the right direction. 


Met Office benefit from using a contract management solution that can span all their sites. Our CEMAR software provides contract administration between the client and their contractors conveniently via web browser, in real-time, providing a fully auditable trail to manage the maintenance phases of several projects. 


The up-to-date events management ensures any issues can be dealt with swiftly, leaving Met Office and their contractors free to focus on the job, rather than spending valuable time on administrative duties. The collaborative nature of using the CEMAR tool, which is intrinsic to NEC culture, leads to greater levels of problem-solving and an openness which can be nurtured for future projects. 


As the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office are responsible for meteorological estimates, from daily weather forecasts to climate change predictions. They are intrinsic to the day-to-day running of various businesses, including weather forecasting that can affect consumer trends and safety measures for travel across the UK. Originally established in 1854 as a service to mariners, the Met Office began providing weather forecasts to newspapers in 1861, which has led them to their esteemed position today.

 "At the Met Office we make use of CEMAR across our suite of facilities management and related contracts. For us and for our FM suppliers, CEMAR represents a single source of truth when managing these contracts."
Facilities Manager & Service Manager Met Office
 "The openness and transparency CEMAR provides encourages collaborative working. But what sets the CEMAR product apart is the level of support available from the dedicated helpdesk, and from our Account Manager who always makes every effort to understand our needs. " 
Facilities Manager & Service Manager Met Office

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