Project Detail

Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works, Hong Kong


This Contract is a multi-disciplinary contract which comprises a wide range of construction activities including construction of a temporary sewage treatment plant (TSTP), permanent sewage treatment works, submarine outfall and village sewers.


The Contract is facing a range of challenges. The first one is to construct TSTP in a limited footprint within the existing sewage treatment plant. Before any decommissioning and demolition works of the existing plant, the TSTP has to be built and commissioned satisfactorily.

Another challenge is that the incoming flow will soon reach the design capacity of the existing plant. The TSTP must be fast tracked and ready in place within 18 months from the starting date. In such a tight timeframe, it is vital for the project team including the Employer, Project Manager and the Contractor to build collaborative relations for implement the contract smoothly. The project team would also need to have a clear oversight of the risks and work closely for solutions in order to deliver the project successfully.


Transparent and co-operative exchange of information in all matters relating to the contract is important to embody the mutual trust and cooperation spirit in providing the works smoothly. DSD together with the Project Manger’s Representatives – Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited and the Contractor – Build King – Kum Shing Joint Venture decided to adopt CEMAR mainly for the daily NEC workflow management including issuance of Early Warnings, Proposed Instruction/Change Decision and Compensation Events.


CEMAR provides control over governance through permissions, user threshold settings and internal approval workflows, allowing delegation of actions and events under the contract. It simplifies the NEC contract management and provides clarity for the Employer, Project Manager and the Contractor with real time overviews of project risks, early warnings and actions required. This enhances open and effective communication among the project parties, with any contractual correspondence available at a click of a button. Dashboard analysis also provides an overview of the project performance enabling easy reporting of progress to key stakeholders, keeping the works on-track and up-to-date.

 CEMAR provides the Project Team with an online platform to create and retrieve contract correspondences at any time and any place. 
Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited
 CEMAR streamlines communications between the Project Manager and the Contractor under NEC3 ECC contracts. 
Build King – Kum Shing Joint Venture

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