Energy Solution

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End-to-end processes streamlined

Optimised for the demands of the energy sector

Poised for change

The global energy landscape is undergoing a tremendous transformation. The advent of greener, smarter, and more connected products and services will transform society into a digital and sustainable domain, offering enhanced efficiency, environmental performance, productivity, flexibility and profitability.

Open and extensible

Our enterprise software is designed to manage your entire asset lifecycle from design to build, to operation. Our energy solution enables end-to-end processes based on interdisciplinary collaboration and workflows across applications and organisations.

Actionable, data-driven insight

Processing your data in a central place, ensuring data quality and insights in a transparent, collaborative environment, is critical. Store relevant asset data during construction to be used in operating the asset.

Industry expertise and know-how

Our dedicated team of energy experts has been solving the complex challenges of the industry for a long time. We provide you with the expertise to build and implement the best-fit solution for your needs. 


Proactive risk management and comprehensive user management 
Manage complex documentation including on-site data entry   
Shared services like data analytics across your project.   

Upgrade your efficiency

One step ahead with our asset and construction management software


Flexibility at the core
Our most flexible CDE. It is used to collect, manage and disseminate all project information. It is easily adapted to even the most specialised processes and environments.


Make contracts easy
CEMAR is built around events, not documents, and combines industry-leading knowledge and expertise to make sophisticated contract management simple.


An integrated suite of solutions
RAMM is a digital asset and work management solution that connects Asset Owners and their agents in one seamless, single source of truth solution. RAMM’s geospatial, real-time system supports data accuracy and validation.


Smart BIM management
DESITE BIM is the world-class BIM software enabling project teams to further their digitalisation journey through the use of 4D project visualisation and more.

Want to know more?

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Jules van der Weide Managing Director & BU Lead Energy
‘The energy sector has undergone major transitions. Technology innovation, renewable energy deployment, regulations, and changing consumer behaviour will forever change construction in this sector. At Thinkproject we ensure that we build partnerships to help you meet these complex challenges. ’

From vision to reality

Our projects impact the future today

Wind turbines

Phoenix Project, Spain

  • Product
    TP CDE
  • Region Europe
  • Industry Energy & Water
The Phoenix Project is made up of ten wind farms in the provinces of Zaragoza and Teruel, Aragon (Spain). These ten wind farms add up to 342 MW, in 91 turbines. It is promoted by Forestalia, together with ENGIE and Mirova. These parks, which stand out for their excellent wind resource, produce around 1000 GWh / year of green energy.

Setting new standards

Achieve innovative solutions by combining our products

Asset and Maintenance Solution

Configurable, flexible and extensible, the enterprise software solution is designed to help you manage your complex processes. Our renowned utility asset management software saves you time and ensures compliance with all your contractual obligations.
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BIM Solution

The highly adaptable BIM software solution simplifies project visualisation with 4D clarity and enables easy access for all relevant stakeholders. A streamlined view of BIM models, interactive model navigation and an accessible graphical user interface ensure seamless BIM management.

Infrastructure Solution

Smart and sustainable, our cloud-based solution redefines processes within digital project management and ensures the success of your projects. Workflows and documentation are stored in a central repository and are traceable for project participants, providing financial transparency and reducing risk.