What are the benefits of a Common Data Environment?

Alongside streamlining projects, CDEs bring efficiencies, reduce risk and create real-time data-driven insights producing a repository where all stakeholders have a vital single source of the truth.

What to look for in your CDE provider

Picking the wrong CDE could cost you time, money, and significantly slow down your construction project. It’s important to understand your needs before making a selection.

What is a FIDIC contract?

Developed and refined over fifty years by industry experts, FIDIC contracts provide an internationally recognised foundation for any engineering or construction project.


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On-demand Webinar

Best practice contract management

Watch our first UK webinar on promoting best practice in contract management, hosted by Ben Walker, CEMAR founder and James Murdock, Thinkproject Account Manager.
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On-demand Webinar

Harness construction intelligence

Join the Thinkproject team for this webinar around harnessing construction intelligence. This is an English-speaking webinar and will be of particular interest to anyone from the UK who wants to know more about CONCLUDE CDE's capabilities.
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On-demand Webinar

Unlock the full potential of BIM

Join our experts as they discuss how DESITE BIM integrates a number of BIM uses together in a single platform, to unleash the full potential of BIM.

Market Insights


Choosing a CDE

The CDE is a valued and often necessary addition to any AECO project. From supporting BIM to handling huge amounts of data efficiently, the benefits have been discussed many times before. But what CDE is right for your project?

BIM Collaboration Guide

Are you a beginner to BIM and starting your digitalisation journey? Download our pocket guide to learn more about BIM Collaboration, a crucial aspect which all teams should know.

BIM Strategy Guide

Explore Building Information Management and how to generate better data, foster collaboration and make informed decisions when it comes to your BIM projects with our strategy guide.

Product Insights

Case Study

Havelland Autobahn Case Study

Read our case study to find out how BIM was implemented on 5.5 km of road on one of the busiest routes in Berlin.
Case Study

Gruner Case Study

In this case study read how DESITE BIM in partnership with Mensch und Maschine delivered flexibility and reliability for The Gruner Group.
Case Study

Heat Networks Case Study

This case study outlines their main uses of the CEMAR contract management system including aiding project delivery methodology by helping the clients maintain delivery quality.

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