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Adaptable and interactive

Seamless and customised BIM management

BIM solutions leading the digital transformation

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now the central collaborative process for all major infrastructure and building projects. Within BIM, data is harnessed in all its forms and collated in a central space, which creates value when the data is aggregated.

Clear, accessible BIM data anywhere

The CDE is the central place for BIM geometry and object information, plus other project records such as drawings, photos and tickets. Let anyone participate in BIM processes without expert applications and training.

Unlock the ‘I’ in BIM

Directly access model information with versatile BIM analytics in DESITE BIM. Assure model quality with clash detection and rule-based checking. Extract information and integrate it with your engineering data in 4D and 5D simulations.

BIM project database

Make BIM software the foundation of your requirements and as-built documentation. Consolidate model information to manage room schedules, regularly review project performance and build your full as-built documentation as you go.


Leverage the values in 3D, 4D and 5D models. 
Make BIM an integral part of all project processes. 
Integrate model information with project records in one space

Upgrade your efficiency

One step ahead with our asset and construction management software


Smart BIM management
DESITE BIM is the world-class BIM software enabling project teams to further their digitalisation journey through the use of 4D project visualisation and more.


Flexibility at the core
Our most flexible CDE. It is used to collect, manage and disseminate all project information. It is easily adapted to even the most specialised processes and environments.


Serving smart results
Our modular, turnkey CDE can be configured in just 24 hours. The different modules provide a variety of insights when working collaboratively.


Efficiency for infrastructure
A specialist for infrastructure. It integrates automatic schedule management, data management and reporting for rail, road and infrastructure projects.

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Adam Lamping Head of Business Development
‘BIM involves many disciplines across company borders and project phases. Managing the BIM value chain means to most efficiently organise all processes for creating, sharing, checking and coordinating BIM models and to always have the best tools to utilise the model information.’

From vision to reality

Our projects impact the future today

Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, Germany

  • Product
    TP CDE
  • Region Europe
  • Industry Infrastructure
The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link Tunnel will be the world’s longest immersed tunnel. Once open it will consist of a double-track railway and a four-lane motorway spanning a total of 18km. The tunnel's construction currently represents the largest transportation project in Northern Europe and is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world.

Setting new standards

Achieve innovative solutions by combining our products

Asset and Maintenance Solution

Configurable, flexible and extensible, the enterprise software solution is designed to help you manage your complex processes. Our renowned utility asset management software saves you time and ensures compliance with all your contractual obligations.
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Energy Solution

The energy sector is changing rapidly. Our energy solution enables end-to-end processes based on interdisciplinary collaboration. Dedicated energy experts provide you with the know-how to build and implement the best-fit solution for your needs.

Infrastructure Solution

Smart and sustainable, our cloud-based solution redefines processes within digital project management and ensures the success of your projects. Workflows and documentation are stored in a central repository and are traceable for project participants, providing financial transparency and reducing risk.