The values that define us

Why values?

Every individual has a set of values that shape how they live their lives. These can come from many places, such as values instilled when you were younger, to the way you choose to interact with others throughout your life and the outcomes from these. It’s exactly the same for us as a business. With our values everyone at Thinkproject knows what is expected of them and what they will receive in return. It is also a guarantee to businesses, clients and customers that our team will always uphold these five points.

At Thinkproject we have defined five core values that drive how we practice our business, both internally and externally. What are these values, and why are they so important? 

Let’s take a closer look at each one.


We are always championing a collaborative way of working, both inside Thinkproject, but also, we recognise that collaboration goes beyond our offices and is a real driver for change in the AECO industry. By working together seamlessly we are driving better outcomes in our working relationships and for our clients, plus a collaborative mindset can help push us out of our comfort zone, leading to our next value.

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It takes a bold approach to be at the forefront of industry disruption- we consider disruption a good thing when it comes to changing the ways of the industries we serve, and it takes courage to go against the status quo. With courage we can propose ideas and concepts to our teams and the outside world that may seem like fantasy and deliver them in reality.

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We strive to bring integrity to everything we do. This can manifest in various ways, from how we interact with each other, to our products and even further into our communities and environments. We rely on our Thinkproject employees to hold us accountable with keeping our integrity, whether this be honest conversations or suggestions for more sustainable office practices.

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Sometimes the most difficult value to uphold is to keep things simple. We want to offer our staff a simple way of working and provide a simple solution for our customers. Keeping things simple can be a challenge, but we are constantly reviewing and listening to feedback to simplify Thinkproject as a business and as a product.

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We take pride in hiring top talent into our team who are enthusiastic about digitalisation and committed to delivering software that drives real change. With the commitment of our fantastic team, we can celebrate major milestones, such as our 20th birthday last year.


Can you think of a time when you upheld these values? Know someone who would be a perfect fit for thinkproject? We want to hear from you! We have vacancies ready to be filled with talented people. 

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