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Choosing a CDE

The Common Data Environment (CDE) is a valued and often necessary addition to any AECO project. From supporting BIM to handling huge amounts of data efficiently, the benefits have been discussed many times before. But what CDE is right for your project? Infrastructure construction differs to residential construction and it’s prudent to consider the options before settling. Just as importantly, you need to ensure you data is secure and looked after.

This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the right CDE for your project, plus the checklist gives you an easy way to tick off all the boxes for peace of mind.

What is covered?

  • Technical requirements of your CDE
  • Requirements of the provider
  • Checklist to help you choose your CDE

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5 reasons project planners analyse their data

The importance of planning when it comes to construction projects cannot be understated. Without solid planning in place, all stakeholders will be in for many headaches down the road.


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Join the Thinkproject team for this webinar around harnessing construction intelligence. This is an English-speaking webinar and will be of particular interest to anyone from the UK who wants to know more about CONCLUDE CDE's capabilities.

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