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BMW Mini, The Netherlands

Optimised project management for new BMW branch

BIM Mini show room
BMW Mini show room


BMW and MINI vehicles are extremely popular throughout the world, none more so than in their home base of Europe. Following a significant increases in revenue in The Netherlands, regional expansion of sales and after-sales centres were commissioned, from showrooms to maintenance and service facilities. To meet popular demand, BMW invested in the construction of a 23,000 m² Amsterdam showroom, housing new and used BMW and MINI vehicles, as well as a workshop and on-site parking.


Due to the sheer volume of data that passes through a project of this size, a standard communication system becomes insufficient, and data cannot be processed easily. To alleviate any issues that can arise with lost or duplicated data, BMW decided to use the Thinkproject platform for optimised project management for the construction and maintenance of BMW Amsterdam.


Thinkproject assisted BMW in managing several different aspects of this project, including the administration and communication of design documents, meeting minutes and contract-relevant correspondence between client and supply chain.

Furthermore, design approvals and the processes of tendering of construction services were all able to be managed within Thinkproject.


Upon completion of the facilities all historical data was successfully logged in an auditable log, with a uniformed numbering convention, meaning it can be accessed at any point and located by all project participants, whether this be to look up information relating to the project, or simply as a lessons learned exercise.


Munich-based BMW are one of the leading automotive manufacturers globally, with showrooms and manufacturing plants worldwide. Established in 1916, BMW market vehicles under the brands BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce.

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