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James Fisher Nuclear, United Kingdom


As part of a wider decommissioning project across the UK, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have chosen Magnox Limited to head up the 4-year contract on the Dorset-based Winfrith site. In 2016 James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) were awarded one of the leading decommissioning projects; the segmentation, packaging and export of the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor (SGHWR).

The SGHWR was commissioned in 1963, shut down in 1990 and is the largest of 9 reactors on the Winfrith site, which aims to be decommissioned by 2023. JFN are providing highly innovative solutions for this project with their wealth of experience in the decommissioning field.

The SGHWR project is using NEC3 Engineering Construction Contracts and Subcontracts with the CEMAR solution to help facilitate this milestone project.


Due to the nature of the site and the works involved, safety and security is paramount to the team. Any issues need to be identified and communicated quickly, as well as all solutions needing to be safe, efficient and cost-effective for the taxpayer.

On the project there are several teams who have their own Technical Lead, who report to Engineering Integration Managers, so it is important that all information can be relayed quickly and correctly, whether team members are on-site or part of remote operations and maintenance.


CEMAR helps facilitate an open and collaborative environment for the team. With the system’s transparency and chain of communication giving a clear overview of each contract. As it can be updated anywhere there is an internet connection it ensures all teams are able to view the project in real-time, with one single source of truth.

With CEMAR Analytics, valuable data from the project is collected, and becomes a valuable ‘lessons learnt’ exercise, ensuring that similar issues on other projects can be solved with better knowledge, making them safer and more efficient as time goes on.


James Fisher Nuclear have been supplying innovative and cutting-edge solutions for a range of decommissioning and other projects across the UK for over 40 years. We are proud that they have chosen CEMAR as their contract management tool and we can continue assisting with valuable work within this sector as the next generation of nuclear energy evolves.

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